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From the desk of: Michael Bashi

I started paving my way online back in 1999 to try to figure out this crazy thing we call "affiliate marketing". (I was about 14 years of age at the time).

I will be blunt and honest with you. My dream at a young age always was having financial freedom.

See; being born and raised in the middle east in a christian home forced me to leave my native land at an early age (1996).

Having lived there during time of war and seeing there is no future; my parents decided to find a better life for me and my 3 siblings. I am the youngest by the way.

Of course my story would sound much more interesting if I was to tell you I am a war victim and was chased out of my country with tanks; grenades and few nukes, LOL.

But fortunately for me it was quite the opposite. YES; I lived in a country ran by dictators.

But lucky for me and my family; war broke out several years after we left (2003).

And had my dad "May He Rest In Peace" made the choice to stay and not leave... Michael Bashi would be someone you would not know even existed today. I may even be dead or persecuted at best to say the least.

But fleeing our home country in pursuit of a new home and a better life was something engraved in my DNA; Thanks to my dad! It was an identity I must fulfill or else... What was the point of fleeing in pursuit of a better life? I had to make my dad proud!

For some reason, even though I am the youngest of 4, I always felt it is my responsibility to take care of my family and having financial freedom was my duty.

It was the least I can do. It was my mission. Something I had to do and there was no other way. There is no PLAN B for me... Always lived my life this way.

Now I am no athlete; or some celebrity. And aside from being obsessed with online marketing and sales; I have ZERO skills whatsoever in anything else... SERIOUSLY

I do like to think I am good looking but thank God I did not pursue a modelling career 🙂

Therefore, I knew my only way was entrepreneurship.

Which is what drew me to online marketing. And the reason for that is because with "internet money"; you can literally go from broke to earning 6 figures A MONTH at a speed that can never be accomplished in any other industry this quickly. And I am all about SPEED!

Of course even though it's much faster; but it still takes time and you need to learn few skills before you can get to the big money.

But believe me, you do not need a PHD to start making $10K per month or more. You can get there much quicker than one may think. If you have the right guidance and tools of course.

But bottom line, affiliate marketing is the fastest vehicle to go from famine to feast in the shortest time possible. Even much quicker than real estate.

Only if you know what you're doing of course.

Fast forward 7 years later (2005-06); I was working at a Toyota seat belt factory.

Said "YES" to every overtime shift there was, and I managed to invest more than $70,000 of my own hard earned money on home study courses, education programs, attending seminars about affiliate marketing, purchasing high level coaching from many of the top marketers and the list goes on.

Some of my early mentors were people like Frank Kern, Jeff walker, and the late Andy Jenkins known for Webinar Jam and Video Boss.

I got so good at what I do; I ended up getting recognized and certified by few brands you know and trust like Google and AWeber as someone who knows what he is talking about.

Someone who can teach you what he claims he is capable of teaching you.

Google Ads Certification Logo

Google recognizes your mastery of the fundamentals of reaching audiences using YouTube and Google Video ad solutions.

Google Ads Display Certification

Google recognizes your mastery of the fundamentals of developing and optimizing effective Google Display campaigns.

Google Analytics Certification

Google acknowledges that Michael Bashi has successfully completed and is certified in Google Analytics Certification

AWeber Certified Expert

Recognized by AWeber as an expert in email strategy, marketing strategy, and paid advertising.

Now, I Only Mention These Credentials So You Understand You Aren't Learning From Some Fly By Night Guru... I want you to understand that you're here to follow the foot-steps of someone who has been doing affiliate marketing since 1999 till current day (2024).

You are learning and applying the strategies from someone who is actively an affiliate marketer today. 

Someone in the trenches every single day running his own affiliate marketing business. This is who you're learning from.

Which is not much I can say about the affiliate marketing information products I see online today. Truly sickening!

Fast forward few more years...(2006 - to current day - 2024)...

I run my own high 6-figure per month affiliate business as an affiliate marketer. YES shocker, I actually make money from my craft and not just from teaching it.. lol..

I did not start out making money by selling "How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Courses" lol... Rather I am an actual affiliate marketer myself running my own affiliate marketing business.

And not until years later (2014 to be exact)... did I then start teaching affiliate marketing and helping others achieve massive success. Which is why you are here. (SFMF) was created in 2017 as a way to truly help aspiring entrepreneurs interested in selling online digital products and services as affiliate marketers.

My objective is to end your misery of looking for the answer. Rest assure SFMFPRO is your final stop. I will put your past behind you and elevate you to earning the kind of affiliate money you and your loved ones truly deserve.

To date I have built and worked with more than 14,000 students teaching them how to sell offers online as affiliate marketers and earn affiliate money doing so.

And where my expertise truly shines; is I am good at helping you build an affiliate-based income that pays you in recurring commissions month after month.

So you work hard to generate every referral, but you then get paid on it month after month in recurring commissions.

...Josh is making $2,600 USD per month every month on autopilot. (proof available below)

...Marie is making $6,305 USD in recurring commissions every month(proof available below)

Dan is making $3,900 USD per month every month in commissions. (proof available below)

...In 22 days after Kelly launched her affiliate business following the challenge, she made $9,162.16 USD and now she makes recurring revenue every month even if she decided to stop working. (proof available below)

...Andy is making $375 CAD per day on atuopilot following the challenge. (proof available below)

...Ted is making $8,000 USD per month every month on complete autopilot without doing any extra work. (proof available below)

And countless others you can read and hear from yourself on this page below. And I have more students with quick income results that I have yet to have time to post them for you to see.

Regardless; I urge you to go through this entire page with an open mind knowing that you finally stumbled upon something truly life-changing.

What I want to share with you on this page is not another fad or gimmick, or the newest AI technology that's here today and gone with the wind tomorrow.

Sell For Me Funnel PRO (SFMFPRO) is indeed completely unique from anything you have seen before, or have invested money into about affiliate marketing.

I will let the information on this page prove me right and hopefully I earn your trust.

I look forward to working with you soon.

michael bashi

step one

Let's get Super Clear on your income goals...

Starting with your business plan

Business Plans Updated For 2024. ($3,997 Value)

Step One | Clarity

Get access to 3 "implemented & proven" business plan blueprints

Business Plans Updated For 2024. ($3,997 Value)

Over the years, I have constructed and perfected 3 "affiliate-focused" business plans. Each one of my students who are now generating residual commissions followed 1 of the 3 business plans.

Business plan #1 - helps you reach $0 to $5K/mo in 90 days or less
Business Plan #2 - Helps You Reach $5K To $10K/mo In 90 Days or less
Business Plan #3 - Helps You Reach $15K+/Mo In 90 Days or less

Whatever your income goals are; we can make it happen in 90 days or less from today. Many of my students reached their income goals at a much quicker pace. Meaning it is very much possible to achieve your income goals shortly after you complete the 14-day process of building and launching your business with my help of course. 90 days is a worst case scenario.

step two

you chose a business plan and your income goals are now clear... it's now time to build your AUTHORITY affiliate website...

Pre-filled with high paying offers that fits the "SFMF Mantra"

Day 1 to 8 

 Up To Date For 2024. ($2,376 Value)

Step Two | Day 1 to Day 8

Building Your Business Together

Day 1-8 Walkthrough

 Up To Date For 2024. ($2,376 Value)

Day 1-8 Build Your Business

The first 8 days of the challenge is a complete walkthrough with the most comprehensive step-by-step handholding experience you have ever seen online in the affiliate marketing space.

I literally took my time in every aspect of this step-by-step training to make sure you get through the challenge quick, and you never get stuck. The idea of this training is not just to learn this stuff...

But to actually apply it as you go along. You will literally have an entire functional affiliate-based business in 14 days while working an average of 1 hour per day to accomplish it. 

In this first 8 days; together, we will build you a dream affiliate business that is complete, functional, and fully operational and ready to start earning you recurring affiliate commissions on a consistent basis. We will fill your business with high paying offers that fits the SFMF MANTRA.

This is what we will cover from day 1-8

Together, we will pick out the right domain name for your business. 
Together, we will sign up for the right and affordable hosting plan for your business.
Together, we will create a business email account for your new business so you look professional.
Together, "We Do This For You (Day 2)" - We setup a fresh website for you using the wordpress platform. We then fill your website with 6 high paying offers that of course follows the SFMFPRO Mantra. Offers people/businesses NEED not want. Offers that pay you in recurring residual commissions.
Together, we start working on building your professional, elegantly designed, affiliate business website. (This section involves "done-for-you" tasks that myself and the team will take care of for you.

step three

it's now time to create your one ASSET that will bring customers into your affiliate business daily

Day 9 

Up To Date For 2024. ($997 Value)

Step Three | Day 9

Creating Your Google Ads Profitable Asset Together

SFMFPRO Equips You With Two Ways To Get Quality Traffic And Earn Recurring Affiliate Commissions Consistently

Up To Date For 2024. ($997 Value)

Master Google YouTube Ads

SFMF PRO - YouTube Video Ad Training


Master Google Display Ads

Google Ads Display Combo

You get access to both methods of creating high converting ads whether it's for YouTube Video ad or Display/Banner ads; and how I use them effectively step by step. 

Then you choose which method you like to go with to advertise your business and get customers.

You will learn both traffic methods from someone who is certified to teach you.

Someone who has so far spent over One Million dollars in ad spend last year alone. This is around $100K/mo in paid advertising on Google Ads and still doing so today.

What I will teach you on day  9 is a game changer for 99.9% of affiliate marketers whether they know it or not. 

Vast majority of affiliate marketers are always restricted on how they can build an affiliate-based business in terms of getting enough consistent quality traffic and leads to look at the offers they're promoting.

The math is really simple. The more "QUALITY" traffic you bring to your business; the more leads you generate. The more leads you generate, the more customers and affiliate commissions you earn consistently.

Majority of affiliate marketers cannot advertise their business on big reliable networks like Google because they do not have a well established, credible, and legitimate business/website created that must also promote legitimate offers. NOT scammy or hyped up offers like what everyone else online in this space does.

Meaning they do not have an actual business or online presence as an established affiliate marketer.

And Google really hates that and will not allow anyone including affiliates to advertise on their platform unless you have an established, credible, and legitimate website

If you don't have these things in place, and you try to advertise on Google, you are basically asking to be thrown in Google jail and good luck getting out of it.

Hence most affiliate marketers are almost forced to take the route of less quality and less reliable traffic sources. They end up generating low level leads if any; that just don't convert into customers/commissions.

This is a massive roadblock for the vast majority of affiliate marketers. And they remain broke and scraping for pennies because of it.

Lucky for you, you do not have to worry about that because you have SFMFPRO by your side. I can show you like I have shown thousands of affiliates before you how to create an established, legitimate, compliant, and credible website as an affiliate marketer. I will not only show you; myself and my team will also do most of the work for you to help you set everything up. We will build it for you. I am Google Ads certified for a reason.

step four

your ad is now ready!

let's launch your ad and get you customers

Day 1 0 to 14 

Up To Date For 2024. ($997 Value)

Step Four | Day 10 to Day 14

Creating Your Google Ads Campaign Together

Day 10-14 Walkthrough

Up To Date For 2024. ($997 Value)

Google Ads Training

The last 4 days of the challenge is a complete walkthrough showing you how to properly create your Google Ads account, set up proper structure, get your account verified, and making sure you're compliant across the board before ever thinking about creating a campaign on Google.

Together, we will go through properly and effectively setting up your Google YouTube Video Ad or Display Ad campaign using either video we made together, or the display ads we created together on day 9.

Together, we will set up your Google Ads campaign taking all the guess work OUT! We will set up your campaign so it runs on autopilot for many years to come growing your online affiliate business daily and consistently on autopilot while growing your affiliate commissions and recurring revenue one recurring commission at a time.

this is what we will cover from Day 10-14

Together, we will go through the proper channels to getting your Google Ads account created the right way without getting rejected or denied by Google.
Simplifying the plethora of options Google gives you when creating your account and traffic campaign. Eliminating confusion is key to a successful account and campaign creation.
In this section you get access to both; Mastering YouTube Ads, and Mastering Google Display Ads. Regardless which route you choose, I got your back! We're in this together!
Together, we will go through a checklist making sure your new affiliate website is covered from all angles and that you have the best chance at being compliant and never worrying about Google shutting down your account. This is where you really want to pay attention. I will be giving you the secrets to thriving on Google Ads. You're welcome!
Together, we will create your YouTube traffic campaign OR Display campaign ensuring all proper settings are in order. Together, we will make sure your YouTube OR Display campaign gets APPROVED as quickly as possible. Then watch the traffic, leads, and commissions start pouring in. If you setup everything right; IT IS TRULY THAT SIMPLE! This is why SFMFPRO is here to pave the way.
Together, I will guide you step-by-step on how to set-up an effective Google Ads campaign structure that not only converts consistently; but runs on autopilot and gets results for as little as $5 to $10 per day advertising budget. YES; you can build a 5+ figure per month affiliate business in 90 days or less on a $5 to $10 per day ad budget and I will walk you through setting it up properly step-by-step inside SFMFPRO Day 10 to Day 14. You will get to witness for yourself how the idea of you needing a big ad budget to make money online is just a big fat myth sold by other ad agencies to convince you to buy their advertising services. Complete nonsense.


SFMF monthly

Up To Date For 2024. ($2,997 OR $297/Mo Value). Usually Sold Separately.

Once your affiliate business is launched and getting results; i will continue to help you grow your empire for the next 12 months

Up To Date For 2024. ($2,997 OR $297/Mo Value). Usually Sold Separately.

what's included every month in sFMF monthly?

SFMF Monthly Combo Bundle

One Brand New Researched Offer "Following The Mantra I teach" Unlocked For YOU Every Month For 12 Months.

Every month for 12 months you will receive a personal email from me letting you know a new offer I had researched for you following the mantra is unlocked for you inside your private portal. When you login, you will find a new, exclusive offer ready for you to promote as an affiliate and earn recurring commissions from.

Every offer fits the SFMF mantra I teach which is:
Each offer serves a broad base market of buyers.
Each offer is based on what people NEED NOT WANT.
Each offer pays you in residual commissions every month.
You don't have to waste time finding offers that fits this criteria. I do it for you every month for 12 months.
Plug the email campaign I write for you into your autoresponder and let the system do the selling for you.

Here Is What's Included Every Month For Each Offer

The researched offer itself.
How to register for the offer's affiliate program and get approved quickly. complete walkthrough on video available.
I give you a custom-made high converting landing page for the offer which is unique to you. This is optional if you want to use it but you get it anyways.
I custom write a 10-day email follow-up campaign for you pushing this particular offer so you earn the most commissions possible from it. I show you on video how to easily add the email campaign to your already existing email follow-up sequence. I leave no stone unturned.

(There are no ongoing payments after the 12 free months of SFMF Monthly as this is only available for the 12 months mentioned here). And SFMF Monthly has nothing to do with customer support. You get lifetime customer support.


SFMF PRO Student's Reported Earnings

What my students have been able to accomplish after 14-days of following SFMFPRO

most of my students accomplished their income goals much faster than 90 days.

NOTICE: I posted all the feedback below AS IS with some production polishing  only. I did not want to touch, alter, or edit anything. I posted them as is for complete, honest, and 100% transparency.

Rachel Mrozewski - SFMF PRO Member

Rachel Mrozewski

United States 🇺🇸

Dale and Cathy SFMF PRO Students

Dale & Cathy

United States 🇺🇸

Jose Santiago - SFMF PRO Member

Jose Snatiago

United States 🇺🇸

Lonnie Love SFMF PRO Student

Lonnie Love

United States 🇺🇸


Jon McNeil

United States 🇺🇸

Patrick Lavin - SFMF PRO Customer

Patrick Lavin

United States 🇺🇸

Sherman Farley - SFMF PRO Customer

Sherman Farley

United States 🇺🇸

Hitesh Garach - SFMF PRO Member

Hitesh Garach

United States 🇺🇸


Don Kellough

Canada 🇨🇦

Julie Plamondon SFMF PRO Student

Julie Plamondon

Canada 🇨🇦

Tobin Cooper - SFMF PRO Customer

Tobin Cooper

Canada 🇨🇦

Melanie Biron-Huard - SFMF PRO Customer

Melanie Biron-Huard

Canada 🇨🇦

Felix Davis - SFMF PRO Customer

Felix Davis

Canada 🇨🇦

Andrew Yeats - SFMF PRO Customer

Andrew Yeats

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Bilaal Hussein - SFMF PRO CUSTOMER

Bilaal Hussein

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Kevin Lethy - SFMF PRO Customer

Kevin Lethby

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Kent Tonscheck SFMF PRO Student

Kent Tonscheck

Australia 🇦🇺

Victor Mayfield - SFMF PRO Customer

Victor Mayfield

Australia 🇦🇺

Nana Short SFMF PRO Student

Nana Short

New Zealand 🇳🇿

Johnny Douglas - SFMF PRO Customer

Johnny Douglas

Ireland 🇮🇪

Erna Hoek SFMF PRO Student

Erna Hoek

Netherlands 🇳🇱

Tal Katan SFMF PRO Student

Tal Katan

Israel 🇮🇱

Gareth Johnson SFMF PRO Student

Gareth Johnson

Jamaica 🇯🇲

Gautam Parija SFMF PRO Student

Gautam parija

India 🇮🇳

here is more reported Results as of





most of my students accomplished their income goals much faster than 90 days (12 weeks or less)


what separates SFMFPRO from every other affiliate marketing program on the internet today?

we are different because we care

SFMFPRO Is Not Another Online Course On Affiliate Marketing.
Rather... We build your affiliate business together step-by-step. Not just teach you how to build one and you're left to figure things out on your own.
Rather... We teach you "The Business Of" affiliate marketing and what's working NOW in 2024. NOT teach you outdated and rehashed junk like everyone else.
Rather... We give you a guarantee of seeing results if you do the work without modification. Not like everyone else who leaves the blame on you if you see no results. My simple ask of you is: "JUST DO THE WORK". I don't think I am asking for much here.

and you get lifetime access and support to build your business on your own pace, and we will always be here

experience what's possible in 14 days... but take as long as you want to accomplish it. you have access for life.

No need to assume that if you're too busy, work long hours, or if you are a single parent and cannot go through on-pace with the 14 day challenge; then it automatically means this cannot work for you. The challenge's only purpose is to give you a timeline of what is possible to accomplish in 14 days. But if you need more time; there is absolutely no problems with that at all. You get lifetime access to SFMFPRO either way

no more roadblocks between you and your financial freedom

Ultimate Flexibility

Whether you follow the 14 day challenge or not; this will still change your life even if you're too busy and may take longer than 14 days to complete the challenge.

Learn from Anywhere

You can literally follow this challenge from anywhere in the world and on any size device. The entire challenge streams on servers all over the world. So you can have world class video streaming regardless where you are in the world.

Amazing Support

The industry knows Michael Bashi always has the best support in the Digital Marketing space. If you need us; we are here for you. (Live chat support coming soon as well).

let's summarize everything you get when you enroll today

Step One: Access To All 3 Custom Business Plans/Blueprint

Exclusive Access To Custom "Proven To Work" Business Plan To Help Reach Your Income Goals As Quickly As Possible. Every Student Success Story On This Page, Is A Result Of Using One Of The Custom Business Plans Accompanies By Following (SFMFPRO). Updated With "What's Working Now" In 2024. ($3,997 Value).

Step Two: Building Your Affiliate Business Together (Day 1-8)

(On-Going Lifetime Updates Included)($2,376 Value).

Step Three: Creating Your YouTube Video Ad OR Your Display Ad Together (Day 9)

Aligned With All Of Google's 2024 Policies & Updates(On-Going Lifetime Updates Included). ($997 Value).

Step Four: Creating Google Ad Campaign Together For Youtube OR Display (Day 10-14)

 Aligned With All Of Google's 2024 Policies & Updates. (On-Going Lifetime Updates Included).($997 Value).

BONUS #1 (SFMF Monthly): Included At No Extra Charge For A Very Limited Time.

Helping you to grow and expand your affiliate business over the duration of 12 months at no extra charge($2,997 OR $297/mo Value). No contracts or ongoing fees after the 12 months as this offer is only available for 12 months.

SURPRISE BONUS #2 (SFMF SPOTLIGHT): Included At No Extra Charge For A Very Limited Time.

Watch Me Coach An Active SFMFPRO Member Every Month For Few Hours and get to learn from their mistakes and successes. ($2,997 OR $297/mo Value). No contracts or ongoing fees after the 12 months as this offer is only available for 12 months.

SURPRISE BONUS #3 (SFMF INSIGHTS): Included At No Extra Charge For A Very Limited Time.

Spend Few Hours With Me Once A Month And Learn How I Build; Grow And Expand The "Affiliate Marketing Side" Of My Own Personal Affiliate Business. i will coach you for an entire year and you can apply my strategies into the same business i will build for you over the 14 days. ($2,997 OR $297/mo Value). No contracts or ongoing fees after the 12 months as this offer is only available for 12 months.

Numerous Don-For-You Elements Throughout The Challenge

Throughout The 14-Day Challenge, There Will Be Numerous Elements That Will Be Done For You As You Follow Along Each Day. This Includes Building Your Website For You; Writing All Your Email Campaigns; Designing Your Google Ads Compliant Landing Pages And Much More. ($2,997 Value).

INCLUDED: Built-In Security To Protect Your Affiliate Links & Commissions.

You Will Have Built-In Security Protecting All Your Earnings So You Never Lose Out On Commissions You Worked Hard To Earn. ($599 Value).

24/7 Support + Real & Quick Customer Support From Real People NOT BOTS.

(Live chat support coming soon as well). ($120/yr value).

Full Access To All Updates

you get exclusive access to any update that happens so your affiliate business is never outdated. ($497/Yr value).

Total Value Of $21,571.00.

28 Day Action-Based Money Back Guarantee

No Upsells, No Hidden High-Ticket Upgrades. You Get Everything On This Page Regardless Which Payment Option You Choose Below.

Let's Summarize Once Again What You Get With SFMFPRO When You Enroll Today

INCLUDED: Custom Business Plan/Blueprint

Building Your Affiliate Business Together (Day 1-8)

Creating Your YouTube Video Ad Together (Day 9)

And/OR creating your google display banner/text ad together. (day 9)

Creating Google Ad Campaign Together (Day 10-14)

INCLUDED: Built-In Affiliate Link Security To Protect Your Commissions From Hijackers




Numerous Don-For-You Elements Throughout The Challenge

INCLUDED: Built-In Security To Protect Your Affiliate Links & Commissions.

24/7 Support + Live Chat Support (Coming soon)

Full Access To All Un-Advertised Bonuses

28 Day Action-Based Money Back Guarantee

last SFMFPRO update happened on:








Lifetime Access

A $21,571.00 Value

Business Seals
Privacy Seals
Security Seals

Discount Offer Including All Bonuses Expires In...

28 Day Action-Based Money Back Guarantee

Enroll With Confidence. The Refund Policy Is Simple. Build your affiliate business in 14 days. Then take another 14 days (total of 28 days) to decide if SFMF-PRO was worth your investment. my objective is you see results as you progress through the challenge every single day that you have time to apply the steps. If not then get your money back without question. If you like more in depth explanation of the policy, read the terms for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions

I took some time to address on video, the questions i get asked most often. enjoy!


Take Me inside sFMFPRO

Take a tour insside SFMFPRO's Member's area.


how will you make sure i prosper?

How will I know that you will hold my hand every step until I am profitable?


The done-For-Me parts?

You talk about doing the work for me; what exactly will you be doing for me?


how do i guarantee i will earn commissions?

almost 99.9999% of affiliates lose their commissions earned. You won't have to deal with this. Here is how?


how do i get paid?

How will your earned affiliate commissions make it to your bank account so you can call it yours?


what are my advertising costs?

How much do I need to spend on advertising to build consistent income?


what are my upfront costs to make SFMFPRO a success?

What upfront costs I need to know about aside from the SFMFPRO investment?


what about the competition?

If myself and all your students follow SFMFPRO; won't this saturate the market and reduce my chances of being successful using your program?


i need more than 14 days

I need more than 14 days to complete SFMFPRO; I am busy; does that mean I cannot enroll?

more FAQ's I get asked no so often

Is SFMFPRO Newbie Friendly?

We have students from 20+ different countries. To some English is not their native language. Our students range from 25 years of age all the way up to 82 years of age. They all managed to follow SFMFPRO without issues.

And if an issue was to ever arise, we have a ROCKSTAR support team at your disposal ready to address your concerns and solve your issues. If we still did not answer your questions/s below; send me an email or get on live chat in the bottom right corner and a real human including me will respond.

Will SFMFPRO Work In My Country?

SFMFPRO is a global business model and will work anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a stable internet connection combined with a desktop or laptop computer.

In addition to this, since most products/services you will promote as an affiliate pay out their affiliates using PayPal; you need to make sure PayPal is available in your country.

The link below takes you right to PayPal's website to make sure that it is available in your country:

Find Out if PayPal Is Available In Your Country.

WHO Do I Contact You If I have Questions?

Here are all the different ways you can contact us:

Support Ticket System (Recommended)

Email Us:

Phone Support: Toll Free USA & Canada 1- 866 55BASHI (22744)
Available Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time. This number is not monitored but you can call us and we will get back to you.

By Mail:

3041 Dougall Ave Suite 513
Windsor Ontario Canada

WHEN Will I get Access To SFMFPRO? 

INSTANT. Once you enroll and payment is successful; it may take 2-5 minutes for your membership account to be created. Once your account is created you will instantly receive an email containing all credentials giving you access to everything promised.

Can Expert Affiliates Benefit From SFMFPRO?

Absolutely! Being an expert affiliate just means you will get through the challenge quicker with little to no concerns. The benefit experts and newbies will have alike is both are building a recurring revenue stream. This is beneficial regardless if you are a newbie or an expert.

My Email List I Build Using SFMFPRO, Is It Mine?

Everything I help you build with SFMFPRO is 100% yours. You don't share your list with us; we don't have access to your list; I don't get compensated for OR from your list.

I am only helping you build an affiliate business using SFMFPRO that is 100% yours. Your list is 100% yours. Your commissions earned are 100% yours. Your website and business you build following SFMFPRO is 100% yours. Everything is 100% yours forever.

Sell For Me Funnel™️ Official Logo

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3041 Dougall Ave Suite 513. Ontario, Canada N9E 1S3

Business Seals
Privacy Seals
Security Seals

Disclosure: Any sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures, and/or those of my students. Please understand these results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing direct response, digital and email marketing since 1999, and have an established following as a result. The average person who attends free or buys any "how to" information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only as to what can be possible to accomplish with SFMF PRO. Your results will vary and depend on many factors. We coached every one of our clients through fear, overwhelm, and challenges to find success. Your situation will be different, and we are here to coach you through it all. Therefore your results will be different. If you are looking for “get rich quick” or “get rich easy” look elsewhere. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE.